Superintendents and EdTech Leaders Talk Challenges and Opportunities for 2023 | IEI Fall Summit


In this special episode, Sarah and Katie attend the Institute of Education Innovation Fall Summit 2022. They are joined by 16 superintendents and other leaders who dive into trends and challenges in education and how IEI helps them navigate.

Guests we interviewed:

  • Doug Roberts, Founder and CEO, IEI (1:46)
  • Sara Croll, Vice President, IEI (6:59)
  • Dr. Melvin Brown, Superintendent, Montgomery Public Schools (7:57)
  • Christy Moston Scott, Executive Director, Unchartered Learning (8:49)
  • Tiffany Law, Director of Partner Relations, IEI (11:50)
  • Dr. Jeff Dillon, Superintendent, Wilder School District (14:05)
  • Dr. Kelley Gallt, Superintendent, Lake Zurich District 95 (15:01)
  • Dr. Matthew Hicks, Superintendent, Northeastern Wayne Schools (17:15)
  • Dr. Tahira Dupree Chase, Superintendent, Westbury Union Free School District (20:18)
  • Shanna Downs, Executive Director, West Georgia Regional Education Service Agency (21:59)
  • Joachim Horn, Founder & CEO, SAM Labs (23:06)
  • Brett Roer, High School Strategic Partnerships Lead, (23:57)
  • Michael Lee, CEO & CFO, ERDI Corporation (24:52)
  • Piper Bognar, Superintendent, Van Dyke Public Schools (26:01)
  • Dr. Ann Levette, Superintendent, Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools (27:15)
  • Dr. Alena Zachery-Ross, Superintendent, Ypsilanti Community Schools (29:17)

Some Questions We Ask:

  • Describe your organization.
  • What do you gain from events like this one?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How districts are enhancing safety
  • Tips for providing engaging entrepreneurial education
  • Common challenges school district face and how IEI helps with solutions

Quote: “It was very humbling to hear my fellow superintendents dealing with the same challenges all over this country.”

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