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At SWPR, we anchor nearly everything we do in pursuit of the most relevant, timely conversations going on in education, identifying influential people who are speaking about those topics, and then aligning them with our clients to drive those conversations.

We apply this same strategy to media outreach, thought leadership, and award applications. We are an incredibly well-connected agency that has developed a strong – and ever-growing – network of relationships with journalists, thought leaders, and district administrators. We regularly leverage these relationships to help elevate the messaging and networks for our clients.

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Dawn Mcavoy headshot
Dawn Mcavoy
Head of Marketing at HireRoad

This is a talented, energetic group of communications professionals who are savvy enough to understand and navigate the education industry exceptionally well AND passionate about the fundamental importance of education for everyone.

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Jean Sharp
Former Chief Academic Officer at Apex Learning

In my role as Chief Academic Officer at Apex Learning, I worked closely with SWPR to elevate our company in the market, not from a product perspective but rather from a leadership and partnership perspective. They offered big-picture thinking and planned a robust calendar of thought leadership events. One of the key initiatives they drove was our presence on conference programs. SWPR is particularly strong at writing proposals in a way that captures the conference needs and brings highly relevant, outcomes-driven sessions forward to align to the needs and interests of the attendees.

Our Services

Media Outreach

Through our pursuit of strategic media engagements, we cultivate awareness of our clients’ organizations and thought leaders, leveraging timely media moments, bold op-eds and compelling content to authentically tell their story and leverage reputational brand building opportunities.

Thought Leadership

We find a way to seek out alternative perspectives and create platforms for our clients. We have successfully secured countless national speaking opportunities, national industry awards, and key op-ed placements to articulate the mission and vision of our clients’ organizations.

Content development

We have a team of exceptional writers who intimately understand education and workforce development issues and timely topics. From writing thought-provoking op-eds to developing in-depth case studies, our team is poised to support clients in creating rich content to elevate their message.

Strategic Communications Planning

We work together with our clients to create comprehensive, strategic communications plans, building a clear roadmap of measurable goals and an understanding of what will happen when. These plans clearly articulate our clients’ value proposition and are all built around reaching their target audiences.

Influencer alignment

Our connections in these spaces run deep. We know the right organizations and people to consider for strategic alignment. This pays off for our clients who want to connect with the right leaders at the right time to create a groundswell of interest to achieve their goals.

Big bold ideas

Whether it’s launching a new awards program, a student-led coalition, or a TED Talk, we want to elevate your brand, and we aren’t afraid to step outside the lines of PR to get you there. We use big, bold ideas to help our clients increase their visibility and challenge the status quo.


Institute for Education Innovation

Leading social impact PR firm partners with the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI) to establish the think tank as the preeminent K-12 superintendent membership group in the industry.

We kicked off our engagement with the launch of a groundbreaking new award that was unlike any other opportunity in edtech. The Supes’ Choice Awards, judged exclusively by K-12 superintendents, set IEI on a path to market dominance, increasing vendor partners and superintendent members by more than 30 percent year over year.

Additionally, the CEO has established a national presence with trade and top tier media as the voice for K-12 superintendents, speaking on issues and topics where administrators feel like they are unable to express their opinions (for example: the Nation’s Report Card (NAEP), social-emotional learning, and critical race theory). He has worked with outlets including, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, SmartBrief, and EducationWeek to help shape the narrative of collaboration, innovation and challenges K-12 superintendents continue to face.


Increase in Vendor partners and Superintendent members year over year

SWPR Group at Supes' Choice event
Doug Roberts headshot
Doug Roberts
CEO/Founder, Institute for Education Innovation

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