Marketing Emails: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Sarah Williamson & Katie Lash


In this episode of Build Momentum, Sarah and Katie will be diving into sending marketing emails and making phone calls to superintendents and district leaders and figuring out what strategies are working and what don't.

Some Questions Sarah Asks:

  • Katie, could you give us a glimpse into your daily life with emails? (2:48)
  • What are some of the worst experiences you've ever had with regards to receiving emails and what made them so bad? (6:10)
  • What do you think is a reasonable number of times for someone to pester you if they haven't heard back from you? (10:07)
  • Are there any more follow-up strategies they could use? (11:01)
  • What are some descriptions or phrases that are not effective but that vendors think are effective? (17:30)
  • Any other words or thoughts or things to avoid? (20:19)
  • What are some good examples of emails you've received? (21:32)
  • Beyond emails, what is the best way people can connect with district leaders to actually build connections and sell products? What do you think is the most effective way? (27:06)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Katie’s current email situation (3:11)
  • Marketing email horrors (6:25)
  • Email and phone call follow-up frequency (10:12)
  • Other strategies that can work in sending emails or making phone calls (11:17)
  • Ineffective phrases not to say in phone calls or emails (17:43)
  • Samples of  marketing emails that can catch attention (21:53)
  • Best and most effective ways to build connections and sell products (27:20)


“Some of them, I actually might want to [respond to], but they came in at the same time that I needed to respond to someone else and were just a low priority for the moment. And for that reason, I totally expect people to follow up with me.”

“I hesitate to say name-dropping [is effective] because then I could see somebody really latching on to that and going overboard. But if somebody genuinely is like, ‘Hey, I know so and so….’ I also notice if their message is personal, but with the volume of people they're trying to sell to they don't have time to make it personal. But if you really want my attention, you will."

“Relationships matter. Something identifiable, whether that's a salesperson you've worked with at a different school and you bring them to your new school because you know them, or it’s a relationship of trust because you've shown me a product that has helped my life.”

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