Futurecasting 2023: Predictions from CEOs, superintendents and education leaders across the industry


In this episode of Build Momentum, Sarah and Katie are kicking off this first episode of the year with their predictions for 2023 in the education space along with some influential people across the Industry.

Some Questions We Ask:

  • What are your projections for K12 and edtech this year?
  • What are some of the challenges/themes we will see in 2023?
  • What are you hopeful and/or excited about education in 2023?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Sarah and Katie’s projections in education for 2023 (1:37)
  • Jeff’s projections in education for 2023 (11:44)
  • Tammy’s projections in education for 2023 (14:03)
  • Dennis’ projections in education for 2023 (16:05)
  • Tom’s projections in education for 2023 (19:59)


“We're going to start hearing about looming budget issues. Many districts are already pinched by declining enrollment and its effects on the recurring budget. If we see an economic slowdown, there will be state budget shortfalls. Two, the ed tech market has plateaued. We have too many solutions, many that are a little more than beta products. The venture capital funding bubble will contract but not die. The result will be considerable consolidation and a focus on proven quality.”

“Internet for All that was passed by our government will provide high-speed broadband for everyone by 2029. That's a big deal. It will be a game changer.”

“Technology is definitely going to continue to gain traction. There's a lot on the horizon as it relates to artificial intelligence, and it has substantially less bias in judgment. So look for that AI to be coming about, and look for those companies to be able to demonstrate how they are showing up in innovative, anti-bias ways.”

“We grow the most when we push each other to learn—and that can happen with powerful, purposeful dissension. To some people, it may seem negative, but it certainly isn't. And in Princeton [City Schools], I know that you really want to rumble, if you will, using terminology from Brené Brown. But rumbling with vulnerability and not being afraid to share your opinion is a theme we're going to see more and more.”

“Every day of our lives, we have three things that happen—and only three things: We get better, we get worse, or we stay the same. And two of the three, you don't advance. So I feel like every single day is an opportunity to get better. And we can help each other get better by making sure we challenge each other professionally.”

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