3 Crazy Innovative Ways to Leverage Thought Leadership | JW Marshall


In this episode of Build Momentum, Sarah and Katie are joined by JW Marshall, the director of learning solutions at Marketscale, and a fellow podcast host of the Voices of E-learning show. He is also the VP of Marketing at Summit K-12 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Some Questions We Ask:

  • How’s it been going since you were last here? (1:09)
  • How did you become an industry podcast expert in education? (2:46)
  • How were you able to combine his passion for media, Edtech, and entrepreneurship? (7:05)
  • What he did at Summit K-12 (11:17)
  • What is Voices of ELearning and  getting podcast guests (18:53)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • All life updates from JW Marshall (1:16)
  • JW Marshall’s beginnings as a podcast expert and in education (2:52)
  • His success on programs and in podcasts (7:23)
  • All about his show called Texas K-12 Education and sub-shows related to education (11:20)
  • All about Voices of ELearning and How he was able to get people to guest on his show (19:20)


“Throughout my career, it's been fun to kind of find the next big thing and really kind of hone in on it and you know, build a really strong program around meeting the audience's where they're at. And so the podcast has been my favorite.

“it's not really just about reaching the millions. It's about reaching the people that care about that topic that want to share their insights that want to engage in a way that's not just a LinkedIn post or not just a tweet, right? But a more deep conversation.”

“So it's really a win-win. I think when you do it right, you obviously get a lot of value in hosting the conversation. But the goal has to be providing value to others. It can't be salesy. It can't be, you know, a really selfish reason to do the show, because people will see that really quickly. You got to be authentic. And if you come across as really caring about the guest, and the conversation and the audience, good things are gonna happen.”

“I would just say it really does kind of change your life a little bit. If you put yourself out there and you're consistent, strategic, and you learn from you know what works and doesn't work very quickly.”

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